Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Regenerating Pause

Thank you for reading my blog. You're all good-looking people, did you know that? And there are a lot of you! In fact, this blog has had thousands and thousands of hits from all over the world.

It's awesome.

I've pulled my past posts because in the coming months Rot & Regeneration will be going through a major overhaul.

Bear with me as I wade through the murky waters of personal branding, YouTube channels, publishing, YYZ-LAX, the quest for discounted Gucci purses, career changes and buying a new toaster.

As always, I welcome your emails, comments and vodka recommendations.

I'll be back because as you know, you can't stop the weird smell. Ever.

I hope you'll back to embrace The Rot and to celebrate The Regeneration.

I *heart* you all.


  1. Toasters are reallllly hard to buy. Trust me, I know. A toaster lures you with sleek italianate design + sweet, sweet promises to brown your baked goods evenly and to your precise toasty needs ... Once installed on your counter - oh how it sparkles - it lazily spits back your offering, pasty white and cold to the touch, with an insouciant and uncaring clunk, as if to say MEH to your paltry gluten-free bread - I was meant for better loaves.
    Not that I'm bitter about my expensive toaster, or anything.

    Anyway, NOW what the hell am i going to read?

  2. BRAVA! I can't wait for the new installment. Til then, enjoy your toast ;)

  3. Buying a toaster is no laughing matter. Two slice, four slice, the bagel option? And futhermore, it is true I am good looking.

  4. Lemme guess: you're going to come back as a man!
    Don't make us wait too long, Fesche!

  5. restless pause..good luck for new life